Helping Pay Your Bills, While You Pay Attention to You!

Becoming disabled is often an unexpected and burdensome experience, and it can happen to anyone. What if a disability interrupted your job, your income, and your financial security? How would you make your house or rent payment, or cover day-to-day expenses? It’s important to consider these questions because a disability could adversely affect your well-being and your finances at a time when you should be concentrating on recovery.

Some common illnesses or conditions known to cause disabilities include:
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Accidents and fractures
  • Cancer
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Back and joint disorders

As an employee, you should have even greater peace of mind knowing that your employer wants you to be prepared in the event of a disability. By making Aflac’s Short-Term Disability insurance policy available, your employer can help reduce the worry of financial security during a disability so you can focus on your recovery.

Why Aflac Short-Term Disability may be the best choice for you:
  • It’s sold on an individual basis. You choose the plan that’s right for you based on your financial needs and income.
  • We offer the option of guaranteed-issue,1 short-term disability coverage. That means no medical questionnaire is required.
  • We pay you a cash benefit for each day you are disabled.2


Find a Licensed Agent in your area by clicking the following link and providing your work county and agency:


Plans starting at $16.32 per month. For more information on how to enroll, please contact the Group Benefits Department by phone at 800.780.3100 or email at If you have further questions, please contact a Licensed Agent in your area.

The Capital Advantage

Combine the Aflac Short-Term Disability plan with our LINA Long-Term Disability plan for complete income protection and to maximize the benefits received in the event you are disabled. (Plans available in participating agencies.)

To file a claim, visit the Aflac Claims Portal.


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