Plan Information:

In 2018, an estimated 1,735 new cases of Cancer
were diagnosed in the United States.*

AFLAC insurance pays cash directly to you (unless otherwise assigned) to help you and your family better cope financially if a covered person receives a positive diagnosis of cancer or is placed in the Intensive Care Unit. Added comfort and protection means the freedom to focus on more important things.

With plan designs that are no longer available under any other payroll billing, State of Florida employees have access to unique AFLAC Cancer and Intensive Care plans which pay benefits above and beyond your major medical insurance and provides benefits that may, or may not, be covered by your state- sponsored major medical insurance. AFLAC plans do not coordinate with your major medical plan. They will pay covered benefits as outlined in the outline of coverage, regardless of payments made by your health insurance.

Personal Cancer Indemnity Plan offers benefits for cancer related treatments. Prior Cancer diagnosis does not automatically exclude a client from coverageContact Us for more information.

Personal Hospital Intensive Care Plan pays for admission to ICU unit of the hospital for sickness related admissions as well as accident related admissions. Some health-related underwriting questions apply – Contact Us for more information.

  • The Personal Hospital Intensive Care Plan and the Cancer Indemnity Plan are two separate plans and require separate applications & enrollments in People First.
  • AFLAC policies can be used together if more than one policy is owned that pays a benefit for the same covered benefit. (example: A client owns an Accident policy and the HIC plan is injured and as a result of an accident covered in the accident plan, is placed in the ICU, which is also a covered event. Under this example, the client could file claims under BOTH PLAN and receive benefits.)

How to protect yourself and your family:

Enrollment is a two-step process. Follow the steps below for successful completion of this AFLAC product enrollment.

  1. Enroll in your People First portal.
    (you will notice that it indicates that there is a note stating that the plan is pending underwriting review)
  2. Contact Capital Insurance Agency for enrollment form(s).
    (the pending underwriting review status will be removed upon issue of your policy)

Instructions to submit application located in the attached form.